What We Do

For Teams

Create quests and prizes catered to your fans. Teams will select from various quests that they want their fans to complete and fans will be rewarded with XP (which can be used to unlock Shop items) or another prize when they complete their quests. These quests can range anywhere from retweeting a post to watching x amount of a team’s stream. 

Sell merchandise and reward fans with unique NFTs.
Every time a fan purchases an item through your team’s Matrix shop, they will receive a unique NFT for the item they bought. NFTs can be kept in the fan’s virtual wallet or fans can sell the NFT on the in-app marketplace. 

Passive Source of Income.
Whenever a team’s NFTs are bought or sold on any marketplace, teams will earn a portion of the profits.

Reward fans for special events.
Gain more fan engagement by offering fans event NFTs for engaging or participating in the event. NFTs can be custom-made for any type of event.

For Creators

Create quests and reward your fans with unique rewards. You will choose the prizes fans receive when they complete their quests. These quests can range from chatting in stream to retweeting your post. 

Sell merch directly to your fans and reward them with a unique NFT every time they purchase an item from your shop.
Every time a fan buys an item from your shop, they will receive unique NFT for the purchase that they can keep in their virtual wallet or sell on the in-app NFT marketplace. 

Additional Passive Source of Income.
Every time your NFT is sold on any marketplace, you will receive a portion of the sale’s profit. 

Create custom NFTs for special events.
You will be able to create unique NFT for any type of event and give them out to their fans for participating. These events can range from special collab streams to a creator’s birthday stream.

For Fans

Complete quests and earn rewards for your favorite teams and creators. Quests can range from liking a creator’s post to watching/participating in a stream. Prizes can range from gaining XP to even getting a unique NFT. 

Rewards for buying merchandise.
Every time you buy merchandise from a creators/team’s shop, you will receive a unique NFT with your purchase that you can either keep in your virtual wallet or sell on the in-app marketplace. Whenever you sell a creator’s/team’s NFT, they will receive a portion of the profits. 

Unlock exclusive experiences with your favorite teams and creators by redeeming your NFT


Entertainment was a single-player game.

Instead of fans money going directly to creators, it goes to agencies and private equity firms.

We are passive observers in a vacuum, watching content that is fed to us. We're completely separated from what we consume.


Entertainment is a multi-player game.

Matrix bridges the gap between creators and fans.

Now, content creators are able to sell exclusive rewards to their fans, instead of being obligated to sponsors. Now, teams can give their fans power to buy or earn a stake in what content creators produce. 

With Matrix, fans develop a stronger relationship with teams and creators. They’re more engaged. They can actively vote on what they want to see.


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